About Us

Our Beginning

The TSO System was developed by owners Dave Neal CEO and Andy Neal COO of Neal & Associates Business Consultants (NABC) located in Phoenix, AZ and launched in 2014.

The inspiration for TSO came from hundreds of customers that NABC had provided custom essay services to since 2003. The common denominator they expressed was a desire to take their respective businesses to the next level of performance.

Frequently the focal point of these businesses was the need to increase sales revenue. This need dovetailed with NABC’s belief that nothing happens until a sales is made and was the genesis for the TSO System, as well a supporting portfolio of ancillary goods and services.

NABC is the delivery mechanism for TSO and coordinates all activities. It manages a cadre of TSO certified coaches and technical staff strategically positioned around the country to provide the entire menu TSO offerings.

The TSO System is detailed in the TSO (Total Selling Organization) Definitive Leadership System Book. The TSO System is currently being used by companies of all sizes. Click on customers and industries served.

Our Mission & Vision

The TSO mission is very simple: to help our customers achieve their sales objectives and goals by selling more. The company’s vision is to have our proprietary Total Selling Organization System become the organization design of choice for businesses worldwide.

Our Approach

The TSO approach is simple, intuitive, flexible and results driven. It is based on the following principles:

  • Nothing happens until a sale is made
  • There is science to the sales process
  • Everyone has to focus on the customer
  • Planning, training, tracking and managing are critical
  • Focus on people, processes, and technology
  • Management leadership is key