Total Selling Organization Building Blocks

The TSO system is comprised of eight building blocks that capitalize on the fundamental principles of highly-performing organizations to help businesses SELL MORE.

Through the implementation of TSO’s eight building blocks, organizations learn how to align their people, processes, and technology, thus creating a world class business culture that generates superior sales results.

Strategic Business Plan

The first building block is Strategic Business Planning. SBP is the process and document that serves as the macro roadmap to accomplish an organization’s stated objectives and goals along with the requisite action plans.

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Strategic Sales Plan

The second building block is Strategic Sales Planning. The SSP is the sales department’s plan to meet the overall sales objectives and goals as defined by the senior team in the Strategic Business Plan.

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Individual Sales Plan

The first two building blocks Strategic Business Planning and Strategic Sales Planning have been completed and are used as the sources documents for the sales manager to develop Individual Sales Plans for each member of the sales team.

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Sales Process

The forth building block, Sales Process. TSO distills the best sales processes of high performing sales organizations into eight definable, customizable, repeatable and measurable steps, essentially the science of selling.

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Sales Training

Sales Training is the fifth building block. Businesses have searched incessantly for the holy grail of sales training, hoping to find the end all. The search while admirable, is by its very nature flawed because there is simply no panacea or one size fits all.

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Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching is the sixth building block. The critical work of sales coaching begins to help each sales professional implement their respective ISPs. TSO analyzes the significant interaction between the sales manager and the sales person.

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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is the seventh building block. It is a critical business tool that is key for sales organizations to use to complete and win in today’s fast track information driven business environment.

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Management Review Process

The eighth and final building block is the Management Review Process. MRP is the glue that binds the entire Total Selling Organization together. It is how management demonstrates commitment, alignment, and coaching to ensure TSO is implemented and delivers the desired results.

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