Summit Warehousing & Logistics

Greg Parsons Owner/President

“Even really good sales people, who are intuitive need some direction and that is where we’ve been assisted.”


Dan Spindell President/CEO

“I knew I was having serious sales issues . . . When I started talking to Dave, I realized that there’s more to this than just having an annual [sales] meeting, it’s an entire process, it’s all year around, it’s a Total Selling Organization.”

Kodiak Fresh Produce

Louise Carter Sales Manager

“What attracted me to Neal & Associates is that they are there to help you every step of the way, to build a CRM system, to customize it to our business.” *Neal and Associates is a TSO certified coach

Cruise America

Beverley Wilson Global Revenue Manager

“I knew that I needed some help with the whole on boarding process with Cruise America. Dave has come in and helped us with sales training . . . he has an introductory program, he has a follow-up program and those sales activites, and the changes in culture, the coaching and training has had a huge impact on what we’ve done in terms of revenue growth this year, in fact we’ve doubled it.”

American Youth Services

Rob Stephen President/CEO

“I will comfortably say we doubled in the first two years of working with [TSO] and implementing all of these different sales aspects.”

Ed Diaz

Independent Sales Professional

“It’s difficult to stay organized . . . I need to have a system in place . . . that’s why I turned to the pro and talked to Andy.”

Lyon’s Roofing

Ken Zinser CEO

“The Total Selling Organization concept and mentality really fits that perspective in allowing everybody in the organization to be part of the sales process, whether they are answering the phone or whether they are cleaning up roof debri, they’re part of the selling process.”


Cruise America

Mike MarcineĀ  VP of N. American Sales and Rental

“What we were looking for was to obviously Increase our close ratio in our central reservations department with our sales agents and I believe in our first year I think we increased that by 5-6 percent.”