TSO System and Services

TSO System is comprised of eight building blocks that is augmented by an array of secondary and tertiary goods and services.

TSO Structure

Total Selling Organization (TSO) Design

TSO’s eight building blocks provide a step-by-step approach for planning, training, tracking and managing organizational change by keeping sales and customer satisfaction as a sacred value for everyone in the enterprise. TSO is specifically designed to optimize an organization’s people, processes and technology by creating a highly functioning work unit.

The resulting organization is horizontal in nature with all departments focused on the customer.

The comprehensive package of all the TSO offerings recognizes that every organization is different and will most likely have elements of a TSO already in place. TSO capitalizes on this reality and provides a very flexible and practical menu to select from to accomplish each customer’s unique requirements.

The following will give you a summary of each TSO Building Block and supportive services provided.