K4 Sales Success Formula: Training Modules

Our K4 Sales Success Formula is comprised of four essential training modules that work together to create an accelerated rate of sales performance.


Module 1: Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is step one to becoming a world-class sales professional. Utilizing Module 1, we show you how to expertly connect specific customer needs to solutions, elevating you to trusted advisor status. In this module, we also demonstrate how to optimize your selling time, shorten the sales cycle and close more sales.


Module 2: Know your Customer

At TSO, we believe knowing your customer is of paramount importance. In this module, we train sales professionals to focus on the right customers for the right reasons through an exercise that enables your sales team to systematically evaluate and categorize prospects and customers. Once this is accomplished, we teach sales professionals how to understand the customer’s perspective and then we identify the skills and tools to sell to the specific target.  In addition, we explain how to synthesize this information to optimize your sales resources and time.


Module 3: Know your Numbers

TSO has designed a sales optimization tool called the LAPS calculator that is essential for management and sales professionals in creating a successful sales plan and strategy. With information derived from the LAPS calculator, we demonstrate how to produce a customized sales plan that is tailored to each sales professional and each organization’s unique variables. Additional exercises included in this module will help you outline sales goals and closing activities, as well as define sales tracking metrics. The end result is the alignment of each individual salesperson’s strategies and activities with the company’s overall strategic business plan.


Module 4: Know your Method

In this module TSO highlights how the power of outstanding communication results in more closed sales. In tandem, we teach sales professionals how to actively listen, clarify and summarize interactions to keep sales conversations moving in a productive direction. Other vital topics included in this module are the utilization of power statements, appointment setting, objection handling, and winning presentation components and guidelines. These activities carry your sales professional through a proper sales process which results in a close that is natural – a win/win and that leads to a long-term partnership.

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