Is there a Preferred Sales Type?

Is there a Preferred Sales Type?

We are often asked by clients if there is a preferred sales type or profile that is the best predictor of sale success, unfortunately the answer is NO.

Certainly there are the vested interest sales gurus that spin their particular band of sales stereotyping for selection purposes. As an example, the ever present Myers – Briggs profiles i.e. ENTJ while interesting doesn’t really correlate with any real success.

The reality is there are a variety of profiles that produce exceptional sales professionals. The common denominators are more about the desire to succeed, self- reliance, and the commitment to hard work.

Without these internal drivers, stereotypical skills and characteristics while important such as: communication, listening, analytics, organization and personality pale in comparison.

Similarly top sales professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines ranging from teachers, coaches, accountants, mental health workers, to administrators and so on.

The best predictor is to look at a person’s work history and search for a pattern of dedicated hard work and results.

You can always provide training on product knowledge, however you can’t kick people out of bed in the morning!

Words to live by unknown poet, ”The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were tolling upward in the night.”

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