Neal & Associates Business Consultants Integrates with DocuSign to Help Sales Teams Go Digital

DocuSign DTM Helps Sales Teams Close Deals Faster for Dramatic ROI and Better Customer Experiences

Neal & Associates Business Consultants Integrates with DocuSign to Help Sales Teams Go Digital

DocuSign DTM Helps Sales Teams Close Deals Faster for Dramatic ROI and Better Customer Experiences

PHOENIX – August 21, 2014 – Neal & Associates Business Consultants, Inc. (NABC) announced it has integrated the DocuSign, Inc. (DocuSign®) Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform with its Total Selling Organization System to help sales organizations go fully digital. Sales teams of every size, industry and geography DocuSign to eliminate the hassles, costs and lack of security in printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting contracts to close deals. DocuSign helps enterprises achieve their digital transformations for dramatic ROI, increased security and compliance and a better overall customer experience.
“We’re proud to integrate with the global standard for Digital Transaction Management as DocuSign’s secure, cloud- based platform is trusted by sales organizations around the world,” says Andy Neal, VP at NABC. “Increasing sales efficiencies and effectiveness are the corner stone of what we help our customers do and providing Digital Transaction Management with DocuSign is another arrow in our quiver to help our clients sell more.”
NABC’s Total Selling Organization System integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and DocuSign DTM empowers customers to:

  • Realize revenue faster – DocuSigning takes minutes instead of weeks to complete contracts.
  • Improve sales rep productivity – With DocuSign, sales reps can focus on selling instead of chasing paperwork.
  • Automate back-end document processing –DocuSign automatically pulls and updates information in existing business systems to eliminate manual rekeying of data and associated errors.
  • Increase customer satisfaction – DocuSign offers the convenience of signing anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

NABC works with sales teams to help them sell more efficiently with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and DocuSign DTM. The integrated solution helps sales reps manage customer relationships, quickly and easily create contracts, and then securely send for eSignature via DocuSign. Completed contracts are automatically and seamlessly returned and stored within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“We believe every successful company will be fully digital by the end of the decade,” said Neil Hudspith, chief revenue officer, DocuSign. “Partners like NABC, Inc. realize this and are helping to bring the power of DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform to more end users around the globe to ensure business is digital.”

DocuSign automates manual, paper-based processes with the only open, independent, standards-based DTM platform for managing all aspects of documented business transactions. DocuSign helps companies go 100% digital with industry-leading identity management, authentication, eSignature, forms/data collection, collaboration, workflow automation, payment collection, and cloud storage. DocuSign helps organizations securely collect information and payments, automate workflows, and transact anything, anytime, anywhere, on any device securely.

Sales organizations interested in learning how NABC and DocuSign work together may find more information at 



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About Neal & Associates Business Consultants, Inc.
Neal & Associates Business Consultants (NABC) has been in business since 2003 and is located in Phoenix, AZ. The company’s mission is simply to help its customers sell more. The NABC approach focuses on the “science” of running a world class business by applying business practices that optimize people, processes and technology. It is driven by the philosophy and reality that nothing happens until a sales is made! Many small to medium size businesses seek help from us because their top line sales revenue is not growing sufficiently. However many of them do not have the resources to implement the changes necessary to complete and win in today’s fast paced business environment. Our unique approach couples best practice sales methodology (K4 Sales Success Formula) with state of the art sales technology (CRM) solutions captured under our proprietary Total Selling Organization (TSO) System umbrella. The primary delivery mode is a consultative model that provides a comprehensive menu of goods and services. The services are delivered by a cadre of certified TSO (Total Selling Organization) Coaches located strategically around the nation. NABC has the people, skill, experience, processes, technology and materials to assists any company achieve their objectives and goals. Our methods are intuitive, simple, and cost effective and results driven.

About DocuSign, Inc.
DocuSign® is The Global Standard for Digital Transaction ManagementTM. Global enterprises, business departments, individual professionals, and consumers have standardized on DocuSign, with more than 40,000 new users joining the DocuSign Global Network every day. Today, that network includes millions of users in 188 countries. DocuSign’s DTM platform supports legally compliant electronic and digital signature processes tailored to meet requirements globally with localization in 43 languages. Companies and individuals DocuSign to accelerate transaction times to increase speed to results, reduce costs, increase security and compliance, and delight customers across nearly every industry – from financial services, insurance, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, communications, real estate, retail, and consumer goods to higher education, non-profit and others – as well as every business department, including sales, finance, operations, procurement, HR/staffing, legal, and customer support. For more information, visit or call 877.720.2040. Visit the DocuSign blog at and follow DocuSign on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

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